About Anellotech, Inc.

Founded in 2008 by Prof. George Huber and David Sudolsky, Anellotech has developed a clean technology platform for inexpensively producing petrochemicals from renewable non-food biomass materials. Anellotech’s renewable products are less expensive to manufacture than their identical, petroleum-derived counterparts. Anellotech has the exclusive license from the University of Massachusetts for the core Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis (CFP) process technology developed in the Huber lab. The first application of the technology, Biomass to AromaticsTM ("BTA"), will produce "green" benzene, toluene, and xylenes ("BTX"). These drop-in, green versions of widely used petrochemicals are used in the creation of consumer goods such as plastic bottles, clothing, carpeting, automotive parts, as well as other everyday consumer and industrial products.

Anellotech's new research center and corporate headquarters (pictured below) has opened recently in Pearl River, NY, about twenty miles north of New York City.

Pearl River, NY R&D Campus (top), site of Anellotech’s Facilities (middle and bottom)




Management Team

David Sudolsky founded Anellotech together with George Huber, and secured the initial angel and now strategic partner funding. David recruited the management team and scientific advisory board, and is leading the expansion of the Company as it advances through technology scale up and targeted commercialization of non-food biomass derived benzene, toluene and xylenes. Prior to joining Anellotech, he was a business officer or CEO of five biotechnology, specialty pharmaceutical and bioprocessing start-ups, one of which (Dura Pharmaceuticals) was sold for $1.8 billion. David has hands-on chemical engineering experience doing process design and refinery plant start ups with Union Carbide, and worked at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He has both a BS in chemical engineering and an MBA in marketing and finance from Columbia University.

Dr. Chuck Sorensen has 28 years of RD&E experience with Corning Incorporated and Mobil Oil (now ExxonMobil) leading innovation teams in the development, scale-up, and commercialization of new products and processes. His experience base is broad and spans RD&E management, new product & process introduction, zeolite-based catalytic process development, process engineering & design, plant operations, manufacturing planning, and safety. Chuck has a proven track record of moving new technology to commercialization, with multiple successes across diverse and unrelated business sectors. An inventor on 24 patents and author of a dozen publications, Chuck has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware, and BS in Chemistry from Michigan State University.

Anatoly Garelik is responsible for strategic planning, financial analysis and information technology.  He has 10+ years of experience providing information technology services at startups and at Citigroup. Anatoly earned BS and MS degrees in information systems from SUNY Stony Brook and Stevens Institute of Technology respectively, and an MBA in both entrepreneurship and corporate finance from NYU Stern School of Business.

Board of Directors

Prof. George W. Huber is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focus is on developing new processes for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals from biomass. George has been named by Biofuels Digest as one of the top 100 people in bioenergy in 2012. He is one of the most highly cited scholars in the chemical sciences being cited over 1,600 times in 2012 and over 5,100 times in his career. George has authored over 81 peer-reviewed publications including three publications in Science. George has twice testified at congressional briefings on the importance of catalysis and chemical engineering in solving our nation's energy challenges. He has received several awards including the National Science Foundation CAREER award, the Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar award and the outstanding young faculty award (2010) by the college of engineering at UMass-Amherst. George has received over $16 million in competitive grants to develop new technologies to produce renewable fuels and chemicals. Prior to his appointment at University of Wisconsin he was a faculty member in the Chemical Engineering department at UMass-Amherst. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison (2005).

Dr, Edward Wolynic has over 35 yrs. of executive experience in the chemicals, refining & advanced materials industries. Until 2006, Ed was SVP, CTO & an elected officer of Engelhard Corp. responsible for global management of technology and corporate venturing functions. Previously, he was VP, R&D of UOP, a Honeywell company, VP, R&D of ISP Corp. & Director, Technology of Union Carbide Corp. Currently, he has a board & advisory practice involving board roles on a portfolio of early stage companies & consulting to multiple F-500 corps. In that regard, throughout 2009, Ed served as interim-CTO of Honeywell's Specialty Materials business. Ed has an MS & PhD in chemical engineering from Princeton University.

Dr. Frederick Pesa had held positions of increasing responsibility reaching to the top leadership levels within BP. His BP team helped introduce the most advanced state-of-the-art catalysts and fluidized bed reactor processes for the production of acrylonitrile, vinyl acetate and 1, 4- butanediol.

Advisory Board

Dr. Steven Lerner is a partner with Princeton Growth Partners LLC, a firm helping clients accelerate growth through innovation. Prior to joining PGP, Steve served as Chief Technology Officer of Praxair Inc., a $10B/yr multinational providing industrial gases, chemicals, and coatings, with responsibilities for R&D, global market development, and licensing. Steve joined Praxair in 1989 as Manager, Process Chemistry and held several leadership roles including VP, Process & Systems. Prior to Praxair, Steve held management positions in R&D, operations and commercial development with The BOC Group Inc. and Atlantic Richfield Corp. Steve has a PhD in engineering from Princeton University.

Dr. Terry Mazanec has over 30 years of R&D experience with SOHIO/BP and Velocys. As Chief Scientist at Velocys he led the team developing microchannel processes for natural gas upgrading, and for a variety of chemicals applications.  At BP, Terry invented the Oxygen Transport Membrane process for the in situ separation of oxygen from air for the production of syngas from natural gas, and led a multinational industrial technical team to develop and scale up the process. He has authored 20 refereed publications and has been granted more than 50 US Patents as well as numerous international patents. Terry earned a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at The Ohio State University under the direction of Prof Devon Meek and conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Gene Schmelzer has 39 years of technical and management experience with UOP in refining and petrochemicals technology development, process engineering, and customer technical services.  More recently, as an independent consultant, Gene has worked in the areas of biomass conversion, natural gas, renewable energy, and conventional refining and petrochemicals.

Dr. Andrew B. Swanson has over 35 years of experience in the global petrochemical process industries in research, production management, planning, and general management.  His experience includes fifteen years as a consultant to leading companies in strategy, feasibility and market projects.