Creating Chemical Building Blocks for a Broad Range of End Use Applications.

The Anellotech Bio-TCat™ Process safely and cost-competitively produces economical yields of aromatics from non-food biomass. These chemicals are critical feedstocks for significant consumer and industrial applications. They are used to make high volume commodity polymers, including Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polycarbonate, Polyurethane, Nylons, SBR, ABS and other polymers which are in turn used to produce beverage bottles, food packaging, clothing, carpeting, automotive components and and electronic components and a broad range of other products. Today, nearly 100% of these everyday products are made from aromatics derived from petroleum-sourced BTX.

These markets represent a substantial opportunity for Anellotech licensees. Despite strong demand from beverage companies, there is no commercial renewable p-xylene, the base feedstock for PET, on the market today. Approximately 54 million tons of PET is manufactured globally, with demand expected to grow at over 7%1 per year. Just to satisfy this demand growth, more than a dozen large-scale Bio-TCat plants would need to be constructed every year.

Anellotech’s ability to economically create aromatics from green, renewable biomass will change how the industry sources these chemicals. It will enable broad adoption of the Bio-TCat™ Process and widespread use of “green” cost-competitive bio-based BTX derivatives.

Fuels: Economical, Versatile and Highly Sought After Fuel Blend Stocks.

The Bio-TCat™ process produces three streams of fuels: a gasoline blend stock, ethanol (via third party conversion of carbon monoxide co-product) and jet/diesel blend stock. Anellotech intends to qualify these products as cellulosic fuels, making them highly valuable in satisfying renewable volume obligations in the USA, and other markets.

For more information: FUELS

Global Deployment

Anellotech’s proprietary biomass pre-treatment process, MinFree™, will enable a broad range of biomass to be converted to aromatics, allowing for global deployment, whether a licensee chooses for chemicals or fuels. This ability to economically produce aromatics from renewable biomass will change how the industry sources these chemicals and will enable broad adoption of the Bio-TCat™ process and widespread use of renewable, cost-competitive bio-based aromatic derivatives.


Anellotech Will License the Bio-TCat™ Process Technology Globally To Customers Who Will Build and Operate Commercial Plants

By pursuing a licensing business model, Anellotech can generate revenues by bringing the technology to a worldwide market, while its customers, with substantial chemical plant operating experience, can build profitable commercial units. Anellotech will continue its research work in Pearl River, New York, for on-going improvement of the Bio-TCat™ process technology.

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