Partnership Opportunities

Anellotech continues to seek additional strategic partners to support its development and participate in the future success of Bio-TCat™ technology. With Suntory’s strong interest in para-xylene, there is a unique complementary opportunity for companies interested in bio-benzene, and its derivatives such as linear alkyl benzene, styrene, and nylon, to join the Anellotech alliance. There is also an important and highly synergistic role for biomass suppliers and others in the supply chain.  

Strategic operating company investors benefit from early access to cost-competitive bio-aromatics under preferential conditions that provide a valuable competitive marketing advantage.  

Additionally, Anellotech and its current strategic partners are actively seeking a partner with access to an existing brown-field operating plant site on which to co-locate the first commercial plant based on the Bio-TCat™ process. Ideally, this operating partner will provide the operations resources to effectively service and operate the first commercial plant, and provide for long-term viable production at the site.

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